Ways a Skylight can Improve Different Areas of a Home

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Skylights are adaptable structures, as you can fit them into different areas of your home, where they'll add improvements of some kind. Consider the following ideas.

Living Rooms and Bedrooms

Living areas and bedrooms are two places that you may spend a lot of time in, and a skylight can help to make them better. It will bring in extra daylight, creating a welcoming atmosphere, and the brighter rooms will naturally appear larger. If you want an open-plan living area but don't want to pull down walls, a skylight will generate a sense of openness by breaking up the expanse of the ceiling.

Practically speaking, a skylight may be more feasible than a vertical window if you live close to your neighbours or on a busy street. Because it faces upwards, it will usually preserve privacy. As well, a skylight will often let in more daylight than a vertical window that is surrounded by trees, fences, and buildings.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

The kitchen and bathroom are two rooms that generate a lot of steam. They will thus greatly benefit from ventilating skylights that can be opened and closed remotely. In the kitchen, cooking odours and moist air will rise and automatically flow out of the open skylight. In the bathroom, muggy air can escape before it encourages mould. Some skylight models have sensors that cause them to close at the hint of rain, so you don't have to worry about your kitchen or bathroom flooding.

Closets and Hallways

Other parts of your home that can be improved with a skylight are compact areas such as a hallway or a closet. Rather than putting a large skylight in these spots, you could opt for a sun tunnel. These contraptions have a roof dome that lets in natural light. The dome connects to a reflective tunnel and an opening in the ceiling.

If your house has a long, skinny, windowless hallway, install a row of sun tunnels to light the area. The smaller openings will suit the hall's proportions. A sun tunnel can also naturally light up a wardrobe without the use of an electrical light, which wastes energy.

The structure of sun tunnels allows you to fit them into varied house architectures with different kinds of roofs. The tubing can span long distances, bend, and turn corners. Its reflective walls allow the daylight to bounce along and flow through the ceiling opening.

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