Benefits of Colorbond Roofing for a Home

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No matter what architectural style your home is, whether traditional or contemporary, a Colorbond roof will enhance the kerb view and protect the building from the elements. Several benefits of this roofing are explained below.

Sturdy and Resilient

Colorbond roofing uses steel, a sturdy metal that doesn't easily dent if objects land on top. Thus, it typically maintains an even look over time and doesn't look battered. Additionally, the sheets are covered with layers that hinder rust. For example, they feature a zinc/aluminium film, which is topped off by a tough powder-coated paint layer. So Colorbond roofing sheets are strong enough to resist damage and resilient enough to repel rust.

Colour Options

To create a pleasing facade, you need to choose a roof colour that harmonises with the house while not looking drab. Colorbond roofs help you to choose the best option, as they offer a wide range of attractive colours. Select between blue, grey, green and red, for example. Some hues specifically suit heritage homes, helping to evoke the look of a bygone era. Consider the rule of thirds when choosing the roof colour, which will need to blend with two other shades covering the external walls and trim.


As far as roofing materials go, Colorbond sheets are relatively lightweight compared to tiles. Thus, they won't exert undue pressure on the supporting walls and house foundation. To nurture an old building or cover a vast home, you can use Colorbond sheets to reduce the roofing load. Lighter materials also help with installation as they're easier to transport and raise to the rooftop, keeping construction costs down.

Corrugation Styles

As well as different colours, Colorbond roofs come in a range of corrugation profiles. Some exhibit a classic orb wave design, and other styles feature square, angular channels. The grooves make the steel sheets stronger than they would otherwise be if totally flat. The tracks also carry the rainwater down the roof to the gutters. Finally, of course, the contours add pleasing texture and dimension to the roof.

Thus, Colorbond roofs offer numerous benefits. They provide a sturdy and resilient cover that can withstand the elements without getting damaged easily. Plus, you can select from a range of colours and profiles to create a lovely kerb view. Furthermore, because steel sheets are pretty light compared to tiles, they particularly look after old and large buildings, helping to cause as little structural stress as possible.

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