Top Features To Look For In A Granny Flat DIY Kit

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A granny flat DIY kit is a necessary addition for a large family. It provides additional space for large families to decongest and enhances privacy. That said, it is crucial to buy a granny flat DIY kit that meets your needs. For instance, a granny flat must accommodate the expected number of occupants comfortably. This article highlights key features to look for in a granny flat DIY kit.

Flooring Flexibility

Personal taste is critical when choosing granny flat DIY kits. Unfortunately, some kits fail in this regard since they have the same type of flooring throughout the structure. For instance, the most common type of flooring provided in most granny flat kits is laminated wood or hardwood. However, what would happen if you wanted a carpet or bamboo flooring in the rooms? You should choose the type of flooring you want for different rooms, and that is why you need a granny kit with flexible flooring. It allows you to specify the flooring materials for each room without incurring an extra cost.

Modular Furniture

The primary reason homeowners invest in granny flat DIY kits is to provide more living space. However, most granny flats are small; hence, there is limited space to fit furniture. For this reason, it is essential to buy a granny flat DIY kit with modular furniture. For example, a granny flat wall frame with an inbuilt couch that doubles up as a bed can go a long way in maximising space. It allows you an opportunity to save money since you do not have to buy a couch or a bed. That said, be careful when installing a granny flat kit with modular handling, especially intricate designs. Any mistakes during installation can lead to structural damages.

A Skylight 

Energy consumption is high in residential homes with large families. While a granny kit might help to reduce energy consumption in the main house, such savings will not make much of a difference if you still have to light up a granny flat. One way to guarantee lower energy consumption in an entire property is to buy a DIY kit that features a skylight. A skylight works exceptionally well for granny flats because of their small footprint. A small-sized skylight window is enough to illuminate an entire granny flat during the day or night with a full moon. Besides, a skylight adds an element of sophistication to a granny flat.

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