Why Install Solar Roof Tiles on Your New Build Home?

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As you design your new home, you might have tried to incorporate greener elements into the build. You want the property to be as environmentally friendly as possible and to maximise its natural use of energy.

To do this, you've probably looked at some form of solar power. For example, you know that you can create your own green energy from installing solar panels on the roof. This is an environmentally positive solution that reduces your energy costs at the same time.

However, panels are not the only solution available to you. You can also use solar roof tiles. When is this a good idea?

Solar Panels Aren't an Option

Even though you've designed your home from scratch, this doesn't mean that solar panels will work on it. Local council restrictions might affect whether you can use these products, or they might set rules on which ones you can use.

Or, they may dictate where you can put panels. If you can't get them in the right place to draw in as much sun as possible, then they aren't a completely effective solution.

In some cases, your home's design affects the efficiency of solar panels. Your sunniest roof might not be a suitable base for this solution. Your most suitable roof area might not get enough sun to justify installing a panel system.

In this case, solar tiles can be a good alternative. These tiles sit in amongst regular tiles; they don't stick out of the roof at all. So, your local council may have fewer objections. You will have more options over where you can place the tiles to harness solar power.

Solar Panels Don't Fit Your Design

In some cases, you may have your own concerns about putting solar panels on your roof. You may feel that they will spoil the aesthetic look you're trying to create. You envisaged clean lines around your home, and you feel that panels will get in the way of this.

Solar roof tiles give you a better visual footprint. These tiles look almost the same as the rest of your roof tiles. You can tell that they have solar properties, but they don't stick out like a sore thumb; they blend in. You get to keep your clean line design while harnessing the power of the sun.

To find out more, talk to your roofer. They can show you the types of solar tiles that roofing material manufacturers produce at the moment and help you decide the best placement options.

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