Why Should Companies Consider Roof Restoration Over Replacement?

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If your commercial roof isn't in an excellent condition, one of the options you can consider is roof replacement. However, tearing off the entire roof and replacing it with a new one can be very costly. So, what should your company do if it's operating on a limited budget? While most companies rarely consider roof restoration, this option can extend the roofs life at a reduced cost. Thanks to the vast technological developments in fluid-applied coating, almost all roofing systems can be restored.

What are the benefits of roof restoration? 

Extend the lifetime of the roof

Commercial roofs are designed to last for years, but a roof restoration can help extend this period. This is achieved through the installation of restoration coating. Most leading roof coating contractors warrant roof restorations for years. For this reason, consider working with a reputable contractor to get value for your money.

Maintains the appearance of the property

Every business owner wants to run their operations in an aesthetically pleasing property. If your commercial roof looks too old or worn out, they will think you aren't a serious businessperson. Your customers' first impressions will determine if they will agree to do business with you or not. Pay close attention to the building's details, including the roofing system to impress your customers, partners and visitors.

Saves you money and improves property value

As aforementioned, a roof replacement project will cost you more than restoration. The cost is far much higher since the entire roofing system has to be removed first. Then, you will need to procure new materials and incur extra installation expenses. Roof restoration requires fewer materials and labour, meaning you will spend less. Since your roofing will be as good as new after a restoration project, the property's value will increase as well.

But, be sure to have regular maintenance checks to avoid emergency cases. The maintenance expert will look for certain roof damage signs such as blistering or cracking of the roofing surface, moisture on the ceiling or walls or if a light is showing through the roof. Then, the necessary repairs will be done.

Enhance the strength of the roof against adverse weather conditions

The last thing any company owner wants is to suffer losses after a natural disaster because their commercial roof was incapable of withstanding the weather. A roof restoration will strengthen your roof, so if stormy weather occurs, your employees, products and equipment will be safe. The sun's heat will also be kept at bay.

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