3 Steps to Get Your Roof Ready for The Spring

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Winter is that time of the year when homeowners aren't able to do much regarding maintenance and repair of structures around the home. By the time spring breaks, the roof, gutters and downspouts are in dire need of attention. Roof maintenance in the spring also prepares your home for the rainy afternoons which characterise the end of spring and beginning of summer. The first step in maintenance is identifying the areas which need restoration and repair.

Loose and broken eavestroughs

Trees shed their leaves in the autumn, and despite the massive efforts which people make, sometimes it can be challenging to clean everything up in time for the winter. Leaves that are left to accumulate in the eaves can leas to issues like clogging downspouts and a water overflow problem when the rains come. The best way to fix this problem is by clearing all rotten debris from the eaves. Also checking for any loose screws will help you to prepare your roof for the warm season and the rains.

Damage caused by hiding animals in winter

The winter is a tough season for humans and animals. Most of the time, you will find that loose structures such as flashing, unused chimneys and poorly maintained attics create a safe hideout for animals such as rats, birds and mice. If you suspect that there are animals in your roof, you can call animal removal services before assessing any damage they might have caused and then repairing it.

Active roof leaks

The cold season tends to hurt the roof because of the moisture from the snow and also the weight of the snow. However, you may not notice leaks in the winter because the snow stays put. When it starts thawing in the spring, you will see wet patches on the ceiling and stains on the walls. Call in a roof repair expert to assess the roof leaks and patch them up in time. The extent of the holes and the age of the roof will determine whether you should patch the leaks or to replace the entire roof system altogether.

A lot of unchecked damage happens to the roof during the cold winter months. If your metallic roof had a membrane to make it waterproof, you might notice signs of separation. If this happens, call in roof restoration experts to protect your house from possible water damage if it happens. 

Contact a roofing company for help with roof repairs and maintenance.

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