Colour Matters When Installing a New Roof in Your Home

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Roof installation is not something you do every year, and it is certainly not cheap either. That's why you need to put much thought into the roof replacement process. Beyond choosing quality materials and finding a professional contractor, there's one other thing that you need to decide on — the colour of the roof. Since the roof is usually the first thing that someone sees as they approach your home, it is essential to make it appealing. The wrong colour can turn people off and affect the appearance of the entire property. So use these tips below to find the colour that will blend seamlessly with the rest of the property.

Consider the climate of your area

How are the temperatures in your area? Are most of the months warm or cold? You want to choose a roof colour that will not adversely affect temperatures in the attic and subsequently the entire home. For example, if most of the year is warm, you should avoid dark shades that absorb heat. That's because the attic will also warm up, and this will take a toll on your HVAC system. If most of the months are cold, light shades will reflect heat, and your attic will be cold as a result. You will end up spending more energy on heating. So choose a bright colour for warm climates and a dark one for cold climates. You can also insulate the roof and attic for maximum energy efficiency.

Look at your outdoor space

Look around your home's exterior space. What colours have you used on the walls, window frames, front door and garage door? Of course, there is a relationship between these shades — they probably belong to a specific colour scheme. To make your home look even more coordinated, choose a roofing colour from this palette. If you are working with neutral shades, go for a neutral roof as well. However, don't be afraid of experimenting with different tones as long as they blend with the rest of the exterior fixtures.

Consider the home's architecture

What's the architectural style of your home? Is it traditional or contemporary? For a traditional home, classic tones tend to look much better as compared to bold ones. A modern home will look good with both classic and bold shades. Also, note that colour can determine how big or small your home looks. Light tones tend to make a house look large while darker ones make it look smaller than it is. So if you have a small house, a light-coloured roof would make it look more visually appealing.

After choosing the best colour, ensure that you find quality roof coatings. Work with a roof specialist so that they can help you find durable coatings that don't fade after prolonged exposure to the elements.

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