Answering Some Common Questions About a New Roof for Your Home

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When it comes to getting a new roof, many homeowners try to put this work off as long as possible, to avoid the expense and the inconvenience. However, a high-quality roof that is in good repair will help to insulate your home, resulting in lower utility bills. If you know your home needs a new roof, or are curious about when it might be time to have a new roof installed, note a few questions you might have about this work, so you're sure to keep your home in good repair at all times.

What is the roof deck and why does it need prep work for a new roof?

When you remove all roofing shingles or tiles, flashing, and any other layers under those shingles, you are left with the roof deck. This is the outermost surface of the home, to which you will apply that roofing paper and then the shingles or tiles. This roof deck may need prep work or repairs before a new roof can be installed, as wood beams may have gotten soft over the years and won't properly hold nails or screws, or the deck may be holding mildew that needs cleaning. Ensuring the roof deck is in good condition is one reason to consider a complete roof tear-off when the roof needs repairs, as allows for a full inspection of needed repairs to the deck.

When is roof repair no longer an option?

Only a roofing contractor can tell you if your home's roof is so old and damaged that you simply need a new roof altogether, but consider a few factors that may indicate that you'll need a completely new roof. If you've ignored water leaks for some time, that water will often spread along the roofing deck and cause damage to the home's framework and flashing, so an entirely new roof is needed. Also, if you notice large patches of curled shingles, this typically indicates that the roof will need to be completely replaced, as it may be just as cost-effective to get an entirely new roof as it is to replace large patches of worn and damaged shingles.

Should gutters be replaced with the roof?

An older roof may mean that the home's gutters are also older and pulling away from the roof, or suffering rust and corrosion. You may also get a price break from your roofer if you have the gutters replaced with the roof, so ask about this work when you have the new roof scheduled for installation.

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