3 Roofing Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

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Most homeowners don't think about the status of their roofs until they start to leak. At this point, your roofing will probably cost a lot of money regarding repair works or replacements. Slow leaks can cause mould and rot, which will, over time, cause severe damage to the home and other valuable items. First-time homeowners should read on to learn the common roofing maintenance tips that can aid in reducing costly repairs and replacements.

Metal Flashing

Flashing are waterproofing materials that prevent rainwater from penetrating the roof. Flashing materials, often metal, are installed where the roof joins the skylight, chimney, or siding. Improper installation of the flashing can cause the roof to leak because the material will not fit into the roofing seamlessly. Also, poor choice of flashing can be a contributor of a leaking roof because of cracks and holes. Therefore, a roofing expert should inspect such connection points to ensure that there is no space between the roof and the flashing. Moreover, check the flashing for signs of damage and replace immediately if necessary.

Unclog Gutter Downspout

Gutters often get clogged with all sorts of debris such as twigs, leaves, and rocks. Notably, a blocked gutter can damage the foundation of your home, exterior spaces, and the gutter itself if left unrepaired. Since the gutter downspout channels water to a reservoir, clogging will cause roof water to flood all around your house leading to severe problems in the long run. Check to ensure that water does not spill over the sides of your gutter. Also, excessive weight of clogs can cause the drain to be isolated from the fascia. Clean the build-up from the gutter using a garden hose through the downspout. If this process does not work, disassemble the downspout from the channel and fish out the clog using your hands. Make sure that you wear hand gloves when cleaning a gutter. Lastly, rinse the gutter using a garden hose and put it back together. Clean as regularly as possible to avoid the accumulation of debris.  

Insulate Your Attic

When you need to extend the life of your roof, consider insulating your attic, so that heat and moisture do not accumulate mainly in winter months. If your attic is poorly ventilated in cold months, ice dams will form leading to the destruction of your roofing, drywall, gutters, and insulation. Ensure that heat sources are not located in the attic, and the general ventilation is in tip-top shape.

For more information, contact a metal roofing supplies business.

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